10 Ideas for a Dog Themed Gender Neutral Nursery

10 Ideas for a Dog Themed Gender Neutral Nursery
Feb 6 2021

10 Ideas for a Dog Themed Gender Neutral Nursery 

I gathered 10 fun ideas that I love for incorporating a sweet puppy dog theme into your gender neutral nursery or baby room. Some of these nursery ideas are from our own Kiki and Max products, and others are just nursery decor that I found and loved!

When I was planning my son's nursery I didn't really consider that I was going for a gender neutral nursery, I just knew that I wanted to include dogs in as many ways as possible. But, it turns out that dogs and puppies are a great nursery theme if you are looking for something unique and fun, but also want to keep it gender neutral! 

Custom Pet Portrait Art for Nursery

1. Custom Dog Portrait from Kiki and Max

This fun piece of art is actually custom illustrated to look just like your pup! And, you can choose from a variety of different background colors to make sure it matches your nursery decor! 


2. Felted Dog Mobile from WoolenTenderness on Etsy

I got one of these made for my son's nursery and it was my absolute favorite item that I purchased! You can customize the dog breeds and felt colors to make it a perfect match for your nursery theme. And, I love that it is super light-weight.

3. Dog Park wallpaper from Hygge and West

This fun wallpaper could honestly fit in ANY room of my house, but I think it would be particularly fun as an accent wall in a nursery. Also, it is available in three color ways to match a variety of color palettes - this beige and black one was the most gender neutral.

Dog Decal for Nursery Wall

4. Nursery wall decal with dogs from Kiki and Max

This fun wall decal is a no-commitment way to add some pups to any space! You can stick and re-stick this decal to painted walls or just about any smooth service. 

dog table lamp for kid's bedroom

5. Dog Table Lamp from Walmart.com

This sweet lamp is the perfect accent for any table! I love how the dog has a very illustrated look to it, and the stripes at the bottom add just a touch of color. 

Embroidered dog pillow

6. Embroidered Dog Pillow from Coral & Tusk

Ok I will admit- I have this pillow, and it's not even in my son's nursery. It's so beautiful, I could go in any room (it's on a bench in our hallway). But, the neutral colors and playful stitching style make this work perfectly for kiddos, too! 


Dog Alphabet Hanging Canvas Nursery Art

7. Alphabet Dog Hanging Canvas Art from Kiki and Max

This is actually one of the first items we ever started selling on Kiki and Max and is now our best-seller! This fun dog themed ABC poster features 26 beautifully illustrated dogs. The lightweight flexibility of the hanging canvas makes it perfect for spaces with babies and kids. 


Felted Wool Poodle Nursery Decor

8. Felted Wool Poodle from Linen Perch

I love the chic simplicity of this adorable poodle, and the fact that it looks like a stuffed animal on the wall is sure to be a huge hit with little ones!

puppy rocker for dog nursery

9. Puppy Rocker from Pottery Barn Kids

This adorable rocker is not only beautiful decor, but a cuddly toy that little kids will surely love to play with! I really love this for a gender neutral playroom as well.

Custom Pet Portrait Pillow for Nursery

10. Custom Pet Portrait Pillow from Kiki and Max

This adorable pillow features a custom portrait of your doggie and looks perfect in a rocking chair, reading nook, or any cozy spot that you and your little one like to cuddle up together!


Bonus Gender Neutral Dog Nursery Ideas

I have a few more ideas that I used in my son's gender neutral dog nursery, but I didn't include them on my list above since they are not things you can just click and buy :) Here is a photo from his little reading nook. 

Dog Themed Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

Bonus idea #1 : I had some really fun custom pillows made with a dalmation spot fabric. I love these pillows because I sometimes throw them in the guest bedroom when we need to spruce it up, and they look fabulous there as well. These can easily be moved or repurposed when needed. 

Bonus idea #2: Browse antique shops or garage sales for old dog figurines (there are a lot). I got this adorable set of hunting dog bookends from my mom, and one of them lives in the nursery, the other on our mantle. If you can't tell, I'm all about items that can fit right in to any room in the house. This is really because I am constantly moving furniture and decor around the house! Love when I can grab from one room and make it work in another! 

I would love to hear how you pulled off your dog themed gender nursery!  


Gender Neutral Boho Dog Themed Nursery

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