6 Ways to Use Your Wood Nursery Art

6 Ways to Use Your Wood Nursery Art
June 8 2021

Wood nursery art is ALL the rage right now, am I right?! It is durable, custom, and timeless. The clean lines and fun designs allow for SO many different uses. From wall decor to birthday props, you can use wood art anywhere and everywhere. Like girl, I just die everytime I see those wood name signs above the baby's crib! I could totally see it in a photo op for the baby's first birthday or for their month by month growth photo. Can I rewind time for my own son, or should I just start now from his 2 year birthday till his 16th?! 

Nursery Wood Sign

1. Above Crib Art

This is just a classy, neutral place to display beautiful artwork. Totally a staple in a nursery. I feel like this art can define the color scheme of the whole room. So having something customizable from color down to your own pet dressed in the theme is priceless.

Get it for your nursery:

Please do yourself a favor and let the design team from Kiki and Max do all the hard work. We will let you do the fun part of customizing your Wood Name Sign with Letters, Wood Name Sign Crest, or Nursery Theme pet Portrait Wood Sign down to the last detail.

Why We Love it: Customizable, Fun, Stable

First Birthday

2. First Birthday Decor

Say you have a wood sign with letters above your baby’s crib, alongside your custom pet sign. Imagine with me how ADORABLE it would be to have those signs as statement pieces at your child's first birthday. First off, take a deep breath and a pat on the back for making it through the first year! Now that you have, no need to stress over their birthday decor. Pick a theme and let the main “course” be the wood signs you already own and have on hand.

Get it for your nursery: 

Maybe you didn’t see these wood signs when your child was first born so here are the links for them now to have for their birthday. Custom Pet Portrait Wood Sign and  Wood Name Sign with Letters.

Why We Love it: Reusable, Special, Unique

3. Milestone Photo Prop

Okay...so we ALL know how hard it is to make our fur babies sit still for a photo op, maybe unless it’s your cat that found her purrrfect sunspot to nap. But a photo op with a fur baby and human babe is near impossible… I mean, take out one and you still have 10 to 1 odds... See what I am hinting at here? Bring out that custom pet wood sign and instantly make life easier for each month’s Instagram milestone photo.

Get it for your nursery: 

We all want something in our photos that no one has seen before. Letter boards we have seen...but one with your cute pet peaking over, now that is unique. The Pet Portrait Wood Art with Letter board Sign for Nursery is totally customizable to exactly what you need. You then can add the perfect quote or month below.

Why We Love it: Trendy, Different, Fur-tastic

4. Seasonal Decorations

Anybody else love going home for the holidays because your mom sets out the most seasonally appropriate decor? ME! It feels like a haunted house during halloween and a winter wonderland during Christmas, all done with just a few decorations. Whether we want the simple winter, spring, summer, fall seasons or the once a year holidays like Easter, Fourth of July, and Christmas, we need those statement decorations. Wood signs are perfect to store because they last a lifetime and are easily placed discretely away.

Get it for your nursery: 

Even a nursery needs those seasonal decorations to bring the holiday joy to your child's life. I grew up with a baby Christmas tree on my bedside table my whole life. Come to think of it, maybe that is why I love Christmas so much. 

Why We Love it: Joyful, Seasonal, Transformable


5. Playroom Art

Playrooms are a gathering place for all your kids to grow together as friends. It’s best to make sure this space is safe and will promote imaginative play! Start with the decor. Simple yet special wall art makes them feel safe and important. 

Get it for your nursery: 

Wood Nursery Sign Name Art Banner-Pennant Flag would be perfect in that playroom you are dying to redo and make enjoyable for your kids. Make each child feel special with their own custom name banner.

Why We Love it: Colorful, Simple, Custom

Wall Shelf

6. Styled on A Wall Shelf

There are so many different wall shelves to choose from out there...but only one custom pet sign to put on it! I currently have a wall shelf with my son's baby monitor and custom toy truck, but nothing as cute as this picture above. Ladies, it looks like I have a new item on my to-do list.

Get it for your nursery:

Don’t put off buying this beautiful Custom Pet Portrait Wood Nursery Sign Wall Art like I have. You’re welcome to help a sister out and get me one while you're at it! :)

Why We Love it: Stylish, Cool, Exciting

Is it just me, or am I the only one totally walking away from reading this, ready to buy all the wood signs and make my boy’s nursery hipper than it is now? These six ideas for incorporating wood signs into not only your nursery, but also special occasions, has me itching to redecorate!

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