8 Ideas for Throwing a Virtual Baby Shower

8 Ideas for Throwing a Virtual Baby Shower
March 16 2021

When I was expecting my daughter last year, it was hard enough to plan a baby shower without a global pandemic. So how do you plan the event without being closer than 6 feet to the mama-to-be? We’ve scoured the web and found 8 of the best ideas to help you throw a truly amazing virtual baby shower, so grab a drink, put up your feet, rest those swollen ankles, and take a read.

8 Fun Ideas for a Virtual Shower

1. Your Virtual ‘Venue’

There is a little bit of tech involved for a virtual baby shower. Whether you use zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts, you can make it fun and memorable all without leaving your home.

Get it for your virtual baby shower

This Backdrop Banner from Zazzle can be shipped to your house before the shower so that your virtual venue still has that personal touch! If you are hosting the party but are not the mama-to-be, you can also choose to put together a gift box full of different decorations, and deliver it to the mama-to-be ahead of time so that she can decorate her space with all of the provided material. It could be really fun for her to make it her own, and as far as the heavy labor goes, that’s what our partners are for… right?

Why we love it: Customizable and Simple


2. Invitations

Invitations for a virtual shower can be just that - Virtual. However, don't sacrifice any beauty. Your invitations set the tone for your virtual shower!

Get it for your virtual baby shower

This fun virtual baby shower invitation from Kiki and Max can be sent out via email, text, or you can choose to have it printed and mailed before the event. This customizable invite features an illustrated portrait of the mama-to-be to make her truly feel special. When deciding how to deliver your invitations, keep in mind that sending them out digitally gives you the perfect opportunity to easily get RSVPs or even send out the gift registry link. Simply include links in your digital invite, and you’re all set! Make sure that you ask that all gifts be sent straight to the expecting parents so that they can be opened and shown off during the party!

Why we love it: Digital and Beautiful


3. Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Even though it may seem impossible to have food at a virtual baby shower, it’s not! There are multiple ways you can arrange it, just as long as everyone is okay being seen eating on camera!

Get it for your virtual baby shower

If budget allows, you can send every guest a pre-packaged treat box like this Tastes for Everyone box from Olive and Cocoa. If you’d like to save a little money, you can go make your own goodie box and deliver it to the doors yourself. You can include anything from chocolate covered pretzels and cookies to cheese and wine. You can also task all of the guests to make their own treats to have during the shower. Either coordinate for everyone to make the same dishes, or ask every guest to make their personal favorite!

Why we love it: Engaging and Delicious


4. Virtual Guestbook

The best part about a baby shower — apart from spoiling the mama-to-be — is the company. All of the loved ones who come to share in the fun!

Get it for your virtual baby shower

Create a forever keepsake with this Virtual Baby Shower Guest Book at Kiki and Max. We do all the work for you! We illustrate a beautiful portrait of mama, and combine the real signatures from all of the virtual shower guests. Yes - you read that correctly! You can include signatures from guests even when they can't be there in person. One cute idea would be to ask every guest to include one piece of advice for the expecting parents. Can you think of a more special keepsake from a baby shower? I don’t think so!

Why we love it: Intimate and Special


5. Games and Activities

Now what’s a baby shower without games? Yes, games are much more fun in person, and you can’t exactly play the ‘clothespin’ game virtually, but there are still a lot of games that can be adapted to a virtual baby shower.

Get it for your virtual baby shower

You can play ‘name that tune’ with baby songs, the ‘price is right’ with baby gear, and one of my favorites ‘Who’s that celebrity baby’. Alternatively, you can purchase this adorable bundle of baby shower games from Effortless Events Co on Etsy. This all in one set comes with 9 fun rounds of games including Emoji Pictionary, Advice for the Parents, Name that Song and More!

Why we love it: Simple and Engaging


6. Gift Reveal

Half of the fun of an in-person shower is seeing all of the adorable tiny human clothing! So, why not plan the same style gift reveal for your virtual shower? Make sure all of the guests mail or drop off their gifts ahead of time, so that the mama-to-be can truly feel spoiled! Just let mama open the presents on camera while everyone ooh’s and aaah’s with every itty bitty onesie she reveals.

Get it for your virtual baby shower

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the mama-to-be, might we suggest this adorable dog wall decal from Kiki and Max. This vinyl decal is the perfect way to add some dogs to any nursery! Not quite the right style? Maybe this Boho Alphabet Name Art from Kiki and Max is speaking your language! It comes in a couple different colors perfect for any nursery!

Why we love it: Adorable and Gender Neutral


7. Party Favors

We all know the cute party favors you get when you leave baby showers — the bag of popcorn with the adorable tag that says ‘thanks for popping over’ — well, you can get them for your virtual shower too!

Get it for your virtual baby shower

A simple gift like these twinkle little star candles by Lulusugar on Etsy make the perfect give away for guests, or a great prize for the game winners. Another cute idea would be to give all of the guests coordinating mugs like these monogrammed mugs from target. This way, every guest can use their personalized mug for the party! If you want something even simpler, e-gift cards are always a hit. You can give them a small $5 gift card for them to use after the party.

Why we love it: Affordable and Cute


8. Instant Keepsake

Wherever you decide to host your virtual baby shower, be sure to hit record. It is an excellent keepsake for the mama-to-be and an excellent way to still get photos from your event, it’s as simple as taking a screenshot.

Get it for your virtual baby shower

Print all of your screenshots and compile the best ones in an album like this Once Upon a Time Photo Album Box from Target

Why we love it: Personal and a Forever Keepsake


A baby shower is something you look forward to as an expectant mother, trust me. Just because we are in the midst of a global pandemic doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to celebrate together, so take our advice and plan the virtual event of the season!



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