Baby Proofing Your Space

Baby Proofing Your Space
Aug 24 2021

Alright mamas, let's talk baby proofing your homes, because ready or not here comes a curious toddler. A good thing to remember is that keeping your family safe starts with giving everyone a safe place to live. 

Baby proofing is something that you have to do because of everyday dangers in the home (big falls, knives, chemicals, etc). The question becomes to what extent do I go. I believe you as a mama know what's best for your baby but to give you a head start we have come up with a list to start baby proofing sooner than later.

Stair Railings

1. Stair Railings

Whether your baby is now learning stairs or you have a railing on a landing with large enough gaps, plexiglass coverings will do the trick. Live a stress free life without worrying about calling the fire department to get your baby’s head free from a railing. Mama, you have enough to worry about.

Get it for your nursery: 

I found Emily Henderson to be helpful with more details on how this worked in her home, but to create your own Clear Optix Plexiglass works great with zip ties to hold them in place.

Why We Love it: Clean, Cheap, Safe

Outlet Covers

2. Outlet Covers

Okay mamas, it is time to “cover” the topic of outlets. I have talked to so many moms that say the typical plug covers are ugly and hard to work with. But we have to do something, because once baby is able to crawl, I would bet my bottom dollar they go searching for the “holes” in the wall.

Get it for your nursery: 

Affordable and easy to install, Self-closing Outlet Covers, are inconspicuous and safe. Feel safe at home without getting a “shock” of tears and fear.

Why We Love it: Functional, Unnoticeable, Secure


3. Drawers and Cupboards

Whether you want it or no, you will get a lot of do’s and don’ts from past mamas. One recommendation that worked well for us was a drawer in your kitchen, unlocked, full of plastic tupperware. It’s safe and messy but overall functional. For all the other cupboards there are lots of options to safely lock them down. Any way you go, be ready to never get used to this baby proofing necessity...maybe even allowing a few swear words to slip while cooking.

Get it for your nursery: 

If you are going for a more subtle look use the Magnetic Proof Cabinet Locks. This allows it to be hidden but be ready to find a safe place for the key. Cabinet Latch Locks are also hidden but without a key. 

Why We Love it: Discrete, Easy Installation, Universal Fit

Baby Gate

4. Baby Gates

I thought gates were to keep babies out, but from experience I use them more to keep them in. With this a judge-free zone, I feel that you mamas need to know it's okay to create a safe zone with gates for baby to play, while you take a bubble bath nearby. With gates at the top or bottom of the stairs to a gate carroll, this is an easy way to create a safe place in a matter of minutes, while taking it down for a more adult setting later.

Get it for your nursery: 

Baby Gate Play Yard is convertible from wall to wall or small play area. Best gate for stairs would be The Perma Child Retractable Baby Gate. This gate appears more unique without being an eyesore.  

Why We Love it: Packable, Portable, Convenient

Alternate Coffee Table

5. Alternate Coffee Tables

Sometimes those big piece items in your home are a design staple but with sharp edges and hard surfaces it is a danger to a rambunctious toddler. Without compromising on style, poufs are stylish and easily moldable to any fall. There is no need to fret mama, you can still keep a space “you” by adding just a little more “comfort” to all.

Get it for your nursery: 

This Round Leather Pouf-Ottoman will give you the look you’re wanting without the doctor's call you’re worried about.

Why We Love it: Comfortable, Stylish, Practical

When baby proofing a home, thinking of what you can store away, remember the phrase “Less is More.” Surprisingly this is the new motto for styling modern homes, so no need to worry you're not keeping up with the trends. By looking around your home and getting started before baby comes, it will allow more time to be devoted to your new bundle of joy without having to worry about hazards around the home.


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