Bringing The Outdoors Into Your Nursery

Bringing The Outdoors Into Your Nursery
July 27 2021

Having a child is a busy time. They are always moving, adventuring, and even awake at the crack of dawn ready to go. As moms, it is easy to let our little ones outside to explore and get their wiggles out without too much attention from us. But along with being outside comes bugs, dirt, and a messy child ready to be cleaned. Let’s bring the outdoors inside to allow that curious child to love nature as much as we do but without the mess, bugs, and prickly pine cones.


1. Butterfly Mobile

I am drooling over this mobile for a nursery. It is whimsical and sparks imagination. Butterflies are beautiful creatures but hard to see in their natural habitat. Capturing them in this way can bring a part of the outdoors in.

Get it for your nursery: 

Whether you fancy a Butterfly Mobile or another animal, it is a great way to instil a love of animals in your little one.

Why We Love it: Whimsical, Fun, Outdoor


2. Mountain Range Wallpaper

Is it just me, or is nothing better than fresh mountain air? Our kiddos are too young to learn that because they can’t walk up the mountain and after carrying them for 9 months, it doesn’t sound too fun to carry them up the mountain. Bringing a mountain range to them can allow them to enjoy at least the view.

Get it for your nursery: 

With customizable colors, you can’t go wrong with this Ombre Mountain Removable Wallpaper.

Why We Love it: Ombre, Dreamy, Functional

Themed Pet

3. Nature Themed Pet

We can’t forget the importance of our fur babies in our human babes life. It would be special to have your fur baby in a themed outfit to fit the rest of your outdoor themed nursery. Let’s say you love camping as a family but it's currently the winter months and you just welcomed your baby home. Create an early love of camping with your pet in their camping outfit roasting marshmallows.

Get it for your nursery: 

This Nursery Theme Pet Portrait Wood Sign is totally customizable. Have a little fun bringing the outdoors in with this one.

Why We Love it: Customizable, Unique, Lovable


4. Swinging Chair 

What screams outdoors more than a swing in your own room. With it being a safe space in a controlled environment, your child can experience the feeling of flying from a young age at any time of the year. 

Get it for your nursery: 

With  the adjustable height, the Natural Linen Swing Chair would be perfect for your outdoor nursery.

Why We Love it: Fun, Adventurous, Sweet

Star Nightlight

5. A Starry Night

Nighttime is magical outside with the starry nights and crickets chirping. Baby sound machines have the perfect sound to set the mood and I just found the perfect starry night for your baby's nursery.

Get it for your nursery: 

With a remote control and a self timer, this LED Star Projector will make you want to sleep in your baby’s nursery just to feel the magic.

Why We Love it: Magical, Fantastic, Dazzling

Whether you want a whimsical mobile, scenic wallpaper, or themed pet portrait you can easily customize it to fit perfectly for your new little one's nursery. Let the magic of the outside enter the room and mind of your baby. Keep them adventurous in nature but safe at home.



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