Capturing your Baby's Firsts

Capturing your Baby's Firsts
June 1 2021

“Motherhood: the days are long but the years are short!”-Gretchen Rubin

When my little boy was born, I didn’t want to miss a single moment. Whether it was all documented in a journal or with pictures, he was my first and everything he did was "my" first. I mean goodness I thought his first poop was those come way too often at the worst possible times. 


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Whether it is your first time as a new mama or your first time with your newest little one, we have put a must-read list together to make those most important moments remembered forever, and shared with those you love most!

So, let’s take a read!

Baby Shower

1. Baby Shower

I love a good party, and one centered all around you and the new baby, it can’t get better than that. Those that love and adore you want to help you prepare best, by bringing their favorite tips and tricks in the form of a gift, before the baby comes. Make sure to capture that baby glow; send that out in a form of a personalized baby shower invitation to all those wanting to welcome your new family addition.

Get it for yourself:

A featured illustration of mama-to-be can become more than just a card, but rather a mini work of art that can be hung on the fridge for years to come. Get your Baby Shower invitation with Mama Portrait here.

Why We Love it: Custom, Simple, Keepsake

Gender Reveal

2. Gender Reveal

Let’s keep the party rolling...literally at 20 weeks I was round enough to roll myself! But aside from that, you are far enough along for your gender ultrasound. Keep it a surprise for your family by having them play a fun game, win surprises, or get messy with chalk canyons. 

Get it for yourself: 

Paper and Things put together a printable Old Wives Tale Chart for you to enjoy. 

 Why We Love it: Fun, Printable, Rememberable

Birth Announcment

3. Birth Announcement

Can I get a Whoot Whoot!! Baby is finally here. They’re fun to cuddle, warm to touch, so good to smell… we’ve all done it, and perfectly photogenic. But during those first few days and weeks you want to spend that special time with your newly growing family. Without having to invite everyone over during those intimate moments, send out a personalized birth announcement. This will allow all your loved ones to feel included at a time most precious to you. 

Get it for yourself:

A Baby Announcement with Family Portrait from Kiki and Max will remain a special keepsake in your baby book for years to come. 

Why We Love it: Personal, Quick, Unique

Baby Home

4. Coming Home

This may be a surprise but baby and you will need exactly the same things the first week at, food, and time to bond. If there is a will, there is a way! Keep it simple with fewer adventures, lots of netflix shows, and backups for your backup jammies. 

Get it for yourself:

Milk and Baby will make your first week home most comfortable with their custom made mama and baby sleepwear. Their website’s motto is “Motherhood is hard...getting dressed should be easy.” Preach it mama!

Why We Love it: Comfortable, Relaxing, #Extra


5. Baptism/Christening

For my fellow God fearing people, baptism/christening is your baby’s next step to eternal joy and happiness. It is so much easier to capture a smile on your baby through a beautiful announcement rather than trying to get one while being sprinkled with water...let’s be real, bathtime is hard enough.

Get it for yourself: 

Finally… a baptism invitation that is almost as irresistible as your little one. Help us help you create a personalized invitation for a special occasion while celebrating that special little someone. Kiki and Max will put together a Portrait Invite for a Baptism or Christening so that it can be one less thing you have to worry about.

Why We Love it: Important, Specific, Rare


6. First Haircut

Some mama’s like to keep a lock of their babies hair at their first haircut while taking their time to admire how big their baby is getting, while other mama’s, like me, are trying to hold their baby down long enough to get a straight buzz or cut. Either do you! This moment is memorable and hopefully the first of many, unless of course they get their grandpa’s receding hairline gene!

Get it for yourself:

Loud noises can make cutting your baby's hair more difficult. According to Best Reviews of 2021, these Silent Hair Clippers for Kids will make the experience nice and “short!”

Why We Love it: Quiet, Clean, Quick

First Birthday

7. First Birthday

Can you believe it? Your little angel is about to turn 1! Everyone says this day comes all too quick without even realizing it...but  for me, it felt like a million diapers, months of sleepless nights, and hours of tears later. Nevertheless, it is SO WORTH spoiling and celebrating all the milestones your baby has accomplished. I will report back, but I think my little guy's first birthday was more stressful than his 16th birthday will be.

Get it for yourself: 

There will be a lot on your to-do list to get ready for this big day. Start off the right way with an easy to order First Birthday Party Invitation with Illustrated Portrait from Kiki and Max. Also, don’t forget a Custom Wood Cut Out of your favorite furry friend!

Why We Love it: Custom, Memorable, Unique


8. First Blankie

Is it just me or am I the only one that hides their baby blankie underneath my pillow when making my bed? My blankie is 26 years old with holes and stains but still is a must have for my bedtime routine. Your baby will feel that same strong pull to their favorite blankie while you rock them to sleep.

Get it for yourself: 

Make it durable if it’s going to have to last forever. This customized Personalized Baby Blanket will meet those needs and stay special to your child till all that’s left is a single strand of string. 

Why We Love it: Special, Durable, Customized


9. First Vacation

Summer is almost here and vacations are just around the corner. If there is one person to take notes from, it would be Mary Poppins! Hear me out. You will need a never ending bag of supplies for your child and a spoonful of sugar for yourself. Milk, hot water in a flask, and binkies will work for mealtime. Darkness, consistency, and their favorite blankie will work best for bedtime. And never forget that there are other mamas out there cheering you on.

Get it for yourself:

We have found for you this Portable Travel Baby Bottle Warmer that will securely hold hot water, allow you to warm the bottle to perfection, with a no spill guarantee. Another must have will be a compacted blackout tent for when you reach your destination. SlumberPod will allow for both you and your child to get a restful night's sleep.

Why We Love it: Practical, Lifesaver, Irreplaceable


10. First Christmas

Your child will have many holidays but their first Christmas will be one to remember. The iconic photo of your crying toddler on Santa’s lap, an attempted at-home photo-op with the Christmas lights, and lots and lots of wrapping will set the mood perfectly for Christmas. Your baby can feel your stress level, so keep it stressfree with a preplanned and simple holiday, few activities to never forget your child’s first Christmas.

Get it for yourself:

Here are two special and unique ornaments to keep that Christmas memorable for years to follow. Take your baby’s handprint or footprint with Pearhead Hanging Keepsake, and Pink Owl Design has a Customized Crystal Clear Acrylic Ornament to write something special and never forget.

Why We Love it: Unforgettable, Special, Customizable

Blink and you might just miss your child's first year of life. We are here to make sure that doesn’t happen. We have created a list of baby’s firsts that will allow you to enjoy the little moments of your child’s life while living stress free being prepared for the big moments.


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