Creating an amazing nursery on a budget

Creating an amazing nursery on a budget
Aug 10 2021

Let’s all be honest here… Having a baby is expensive. From the hospital down payment to the sheer overwhelming amount of diapers, they are always finding more ways to cost you more money, so if you need to create your nursery on a budget, no judgement here!

Creating a nursery on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, and it doesn’t mean that you won’t get that picture perfect nursery you’ve been dreaming of. For so many, we can’t afford the elaborate cribs or to put our life savings into this one pivotal room… and you shouldn’t have to.

A budget-friendly nursery can be just as amazing as that one you circled 3 times in your favorite magazine, so stick with us and don’t worry about a single thing!

1. Convertible Furniture

It all starts with an affordable crib, because your little babe needs a safe place to sleep! When looking for a crib, consider getting a convertible crib that will become a toddler bed, and sometimes even a full size bed!

Get it for your nursery: 

A crib is bound to be one of your big ticket items, but it doesn’t mean your little one needs a $500 crib. The Sniglar Crib from Ikea is only convertible as far as a toddler bed, but it will also be yours for under $100. For only $10 more, you can get this Storkcraft 4-in-1 crib that is a crib, toddler bed, and full size bed!

Why We Love it: Convertible, Long-Lasting, Simplistic


2. Changing Station

Now, I’m not going to lie… I wanted a big, beautiful changing table, but when it came down to it, it didn’t fit in the budget… or in the room… So, I adapted my plans and got a simple, changing pad. Let me tell you a secret - I can count on one hands the amount of times I have used that simple changing pad. My daughter and I usually end up on the carpet, because sometimes that’s the most mama can manage… so don’t waste money or space on one more piece of furniture!

Get it for your nursery: 

When planning for my baby I got a free diaper caddy and changing mat - can you guess what baby item I use more often than any other? That’s right… my free caddy and changing mat… So, trust me when I say that the only thing you absolutely need is a changing mat and a diaper caddy. This Felt Diaper Caddy from Parker Baby Co. is so cute! Pair it with their Changing Mat, and you’ll be set!

Why We Love it: Simple, Cute, Convenient


3. Affordable Art

Wall art can drive you to the poor house! I remember what it was like to try and decorate 4 walls on a budget… and there was a lot of bargain hunting! If you are looking to decorate a room on a budget, decals are an awesome way to do that! You can find giant stickers that will cover one entire accent wall, and shop smaller decals to decorate other parts of the room!

Get it for your nursery: 

If you are looking for a small statement piece, our Dog Decal Sticker is a great way to add some interest to a wall! If you are looking to create a statement with an entire accent wall, this Peel and Stick Mural Wallpaper will do just that!

Why We Love it: Affordable, Decorative, Darling


4. Get a Glider

Another big ticket item for your nursery is a rocking chair for putting your little one to sleep. Now, any chair will do for that but if you have your heart set on a rocker, a glider is a great, affordable option. If you are anything like me, and like the traditional look of a classic rocking chair, finding a traditional wooden rocking chair is just the ticket!

Get it for your nursery: 

If you are looking for a padded rocker, this Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman from Walmart is a good priced, neutral rocker perfect for any nursery! Get it without the ottoman for $30 cheaper! If you are looking for a traditional, wooden rocking chair, this Gift Mark Adult Rocking Chair will do just fine! :) 

Why We Love it: Traditional, versatile, comfortable


5. Be Resourceful

When you are designing your nursery on a budget, don’t forget to be resourceful. Buying second hand is nothing to be ashamed about! You can also use upcycled furniture, DIY projects, or sentimental items from your childhood. If you fill your little one’s nursery with meaningful pieces and you won’t even notice that you didn’t spend a small fortune on the nursery!

Get it for your nursery: 

So, if you are the crafty type, and want some ideas for how to upcycle your nursery, take a look at Our Upcycled Nursery on Project Nursery to help get those creative juices flowing!

Why We Love it: Handmade, Sentimental, Customizable

So, if you are planning a nursery on a budget and you are worried about not getting that dream nursery, please don’t fret! There are more important things than that $500 dresser. So, when designing the room, keep in mind all of the resources you have at your disposal and always remember: Your little one will be home, safe, and loved. In the end, what more could you ask for?



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