Decor for a Shared Room Between Brother and Sister

Decor for a Shared Room Between Brother and Sister
Aug 17 2021

This is a fun topic to work with. Whether you are having twins or creating a shared room between a toddler and new baby, it can get tricky with decor between a brother and sister. How do you create their individual spaces and still use fun vibrant colors? I don’t want you to have to compromise your grandma's pink lamp or your partner's old hot wheel cars because you don’t know how to use both in one room. Get reading below for ideas on how to make both work cohesively together.

Accent Colors

1. Accent Colors

Many options here but I have found that using a neutral color, such as white, for the main room and larger furniture pieces allows for not only pink and blue to be used as accent colors. With different bold colors for the curtains, rug, and art work you can create a connected theme for one room. You can make any combination of colors work with the variety of pinks and blues, anywhere from dusty pink to stone blue.

Get it for your nursery: 

Remember, some colors overpower others. Such as pink being stronger than blue. Look to use a Navy Blue Rug with Pink accents around the room. For more information look at this blog from Splash of Something.

Why We Love it: Bold, Cohesive, Individualized

Girl boy elements

2. Girl and Boy Elements

Mama’s, there are so many girly options but with boys, they are as simple as dinos and cars. Small gallery walls work best with combining different elements while still making it work together. This is where you can get creative, from beautiful butterfly shadow boxes to a dino head mount to combine both boy and girl decorations.

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A Dino Head Wall Mount combined with this 3D Pink Ombre Butterfly Art will create a classy and timeless look. One Kings Lane gives great tips for keeping room decor functional from toddler to teen as shown above. 

Why We Love it: Fun, Daring, United

Individual Spaces

3. Individual Spaces

If you have ever shared a room before, you may recall the feeling of wanting to draw a line down the middle of the room to keep your Backstreet boy posters from getting “ruined” by your sibling's My Little Pony obsession. My goal here is to allow each child to have their individuale space without that said “line.” Do this by using a frilly girl bed and a more masculine styled crib.

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A Jenny Lind bed frame with its intricate woodturnings is girly through and through. The Babyletto Lolly Convertible Crib will allow your baby boy to grow into a manly styled bed.

Why We Love it: Convertible, Unique, Separate 

Colorful Bedding

4. Colorful Bedding

A budget friendly and easy way to create separate spaces is through crib and toddler bedding. From color to design, you can get as bold or as subtle as you feel comfortable going. Trust me when I say the new trend rolling out is to mix and match patterns to your heart's content.

Get it for your nursery: 

With a Buffalo Check Print for the crib and a Pink Comforter for the toddler bed, you can allow for a brother and sister to show their own personalities with a shared room.

Why We Love it: Functional, Different, Comfortable

Name Cutout

5. Name Cutouts

Another way to individualize a room is by putting their name above their bed. Totally on trend, are big bold letters of your child's unique name to make a space their own. With customizable fonts and colors you can make this work in any room.

Get it for your nursery: 

Kiki and Max’s Wood Name Sign allows you to collaborate with the designer in creating exactly what you are looking for.

Why We Love it: Customizable, Trendy, Personalized

Creating a space for one is a tough job to tackle, but creating it for two...well that is a job full of anxiety. With mamas doing it all around us all the time, it is easy to draw from their inspiration to make it our own. Don’t compromise a single special piece of decor because there is a way to make it all work!


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