English Countryside Themed Nursery

English Countryside Themed Nursery
July 6 2021

Childhood should be filled with whimsy and with magical things. Children thrive in an environment where they can imagine, dream and stay little. The English Horseback theme is inspired by all the classic literature that inspire those feelings, such as The Wind in the Willows, Peter Rabbit, and Ducks in the Park. It is a mix of vintage and contemporary, which creates a room that feels lived in and loved.

Horse Mobile

1. Horse Mobile

Starting from the top down, a mobile will be the first thing to inspire imagination. A custom made horse mobile follows the english horseback theme and creates a beautiful color scheme to begin decorating around.

Get it for your nursery: 

This delicately made mobile is homemade with lots of love from Gisele Blaker Designs, on Etsy.

Why We Love it: Magical, Neutral, Dreamy

Horse Wallpaper

2. The Gable Wallpaper

I am a wallpaper lover because of the vintage look it gives a room. My 2 year old loved looking at this picture, pointing out the cows, horses, and sheep. Having a mural on either the nursery ceiling or walls will create that whimsical feel we are all looking for. 

Get it for your nursery: 

We want our child’s room to be cozy and safe. This Gable Wallpaper can begin that process.

Why We Love it: Fun, Cozy, Whimsical

Horse Art

3. Horse Art Work

Artwork can make or break a design. You can’t go wrong with these custom horse canvases. Whether you want one or both, it will look beautiful in a rustic wood frame overlaying the neutral wallpaper. It ties the room together and will catch the eye of anyone coming in.

Get it for your nursery: 

This equestrian art is completely custom, with the Horse Alphabet Print or Horse Counting Print.

Why We Love it: Custom, Equestrian, Art

Horse Mirror

4. English Mirror

This mirror just speaks “English” to me. A mirror will balance the room while bringing the sense of being lived in.. Remember, English horseback theme is a mix of vintage and contemporary, with this mirror being the perfect vintage addition.

Get it for your nursery: 

This Acorn Oval Gold Mirror has that intricate design of being something whimsical, a little like the mirror in the classic movie, Snow White.

Why We Love it: Balanced, Whimsical, Reflective

Dog Hook

5. Dog Hook

This is a great and subtle way to add the classic english dog into this english themed room. In England, a dog was used for fox hunts while the hunter rode horseback. The gold matches the mirror and creates an anchor to the room. It is also functional for any small basket, picture, or decoration you want to display.

Get it for your nursery: 

This Dog Hook can be used in many different ways while tying into your English theme perfectly.

Why We Love it: Functional, Petite, Unique


6. West Elm Dresser

Showing decor top to bottom, we are now going to focus on some big furniture pieces. A natural wood dresser is the contemporary look we need with all the other vintage pieces featured. A dresser is a functional piece of furniture that is moveable and customizable, to fit your themed nursery just right.

Get it for your nursery: 

This Solid Eucalyptus Wood Dresser features 6 large drawers to hold all your baby’s clothes and diapers.

Why We Love it: Useful, Contemporary, Rustic


7. Mid-Century Crib

This crib, or better known in England as a cot, will hopefully be where your baby sleeps...of course if mama's arms are the other option, we know which one they’ll choose. With sleek lines and simple pieces, it allows for the focus of the room to remain on the smaller more vintage pieces.

Get it for your nursery: 

Expertly crafted, this Mid-Century Crib will grow with your baby from swaddled, to standing, to your little toddler.

Why We Love it: Sleek, Timeless, Safe


8. Hand Knotted Rug

This rug will warm up the nursery while bringing color to the room. This is a great place to sit and play with baby, helping them imagine and dream as they grow. This rug will be a safe place for your child to lay and dream of a way to make the world a better place.

Get it for your nursery: 

Whatever size you need, this Nicolette Hand-Knotted Wool Rug will fit both theme and room perfectly.

Why We Love it: Comfortable, Functional, Colorful

I don’t know about you, but after writing this blog I am ready to make my boy’s room into one that is as whimsical and dreamy as this english horseback themed room would be. A great idea to remember when creating your baby’s nursery is to make it one where your child can dream as big as they want with no limitations. One that will encourage their imagination to grow and yet make them feel safe and loved.



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