How to incorporate your pet Into your nursery theme

How to incorporate your pet Into your nursery theme
May 4 2021

There is so much anticipation during that last trimester... all 8 months of it… to bring home your baby. The nesting instinct is strong, and you are ready to fill their nursery... even though most babies will sleep in a cardboard box with a good swaddle, we can’t recommend that. Designing your nursery can be really fun as an expecting parent and it will be much more comfortable for you & your little babe than the cardboard box… I promise! 

The nursery is a great way to imagine what your baby will be like, what they’ll like, and who they’ll be… hopefully someday they’ll be someone who doesn’t spit up on you, but for now we’ll love them anyway. 

Having said that, let’s be real… the nursery is what YOU want it to be. You surround your baby with things you love, or you think they’ll love, or what looks good on instagram. No matter what you choose as your theme, no nursery is complete without your fur baby!

That brings me to our next point. We have NEW nursery themed pet portrait wood wall art! It is the perfect way to dress your pet up to coordinate with your theme! 

And they turn out really cute too!

So like with most posts, I want to help make your life easier because, well, being a parent is already hard enough! I’ve collected just a few examples of how your pet can fit seamlessly into a nursery theme. Whether your nursery theme is deep sea fishing, or a rumble in the jungle,, we can style your pet to fit in perfectly with the decor!

Now let’s get to the fun stuff...

1. Gone Campin’ 

Set your little one off on their first adventure! A camping theme makes a perfect little rustic gender neutral nursery! Pair it with our camping pup (customized to your pet) and your little one will grow up with a new appreciation for the great outdoors!

Get it for your nursery: 

If you’ve fallen in love with this theme, you can find images of this rustic nursery from its feature in Woodland Wonder: 21 Rustic Woodland-Themed Nurseries by The Spruce. Then, head on over to Kiki and Max to order your camping themed pet portrait wood wall art!


2. In a galaxy far far away...

This little nursery is out of this world…. Ha! Get it? But really though, space themes are all the rave these days, and for good reason! Also, how cute is this space kitty!? Add some constellation stickers above your little ones’ bed, and they’ll be reaching for the stars! So sorry for all of the bad puns… 

Get it for your nursery: 

If you’re loving this space themed nursery, check out the blog ‘Jen Loves Ken’ and their nursery tour! It is to die for! Don’t worry, they have a list of product links at the bottom of their blog to help you recreate the look! Just don’t forget about space kitty!


3. Off the map

If only I’d seen this nursery before my daughter was born because… I don’t have the energy to redo it now that I’m a mom! It’s so sweet, and I believe Pilot Pig compliments it just perfectly! But remember, we can turn ANY pet into this adorable pilot! 

Get it for your nursery: 

Everything in this nursery is inspired by the BEAUTIFUL Adventures wallpaper by Little Hands Wallpaper. If you want to see this nursery look in detail, just pop on over to the Inspired by This Blog to see more close ups!

4. Double Bogey

This is a hole in one! Okay, I’m sorry but I had to. This little corgi would fit perfectly in any young golfers play space, and just look at this setup! You’ll have a golfing pro within a few years, I’m sure! 

Get it for your nursery: 

This nursery look was created by Hello Gorjuss, and if you read their Hole in One Remodel post, you’ll see the most adorable lamp filled with golf tees, that you’ll be dying to have whether you’re a golf fanatic or not!

5. Out on safari

She may not be the biggest cat on the safari, but she’s definitely the cutest! Arrieta the safari cat fits in perfectly with this safari nursery decor, and just take a look at those shelves!? I’ll take 3 please!

Get it for your nursery: 

This perfect safari nursery was created by Project Nursery, as featured on the Alphadorable blog. Amanda Jane from Alphadorable has shopped this look for you, so it would be super easy to recreate in your own nursery! Just be sure to add Safari Kitty

So, no matter what your nursery theme is, let’s add a personal touch and include your pet! Whether your pup will be scuba diving with schools of fish, or you want your bunny to be part of the Wild West, we’re up for the challenge! 

Just head on over to Kiki and Max to order your Nursery themed pet portrait wood wall art!


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