How to introduce your pup to your Baby

How to introduce your pup to your Baby
March 30 2021

For many people, having a pet is the first way to start a family. Our little fur babies are just that, our babies… our FIRST babies. So, when the two pink lines show up, you couldn’t be happier to add to your family! But, how do you bring the two together?

We have compiled a few tips for that momentous occasion when you bring Baby home. We know just how important it is that your first, furry little baby is incorporated seamlessly into your life, and the life of your newest bundle of joy!

So, let’s bring the babies together!

1. Start when Expecting

Okay, bear with us on this one… but, you can get your furry friend ready while you are still pregnant. It might drive you crazy, but if you listen to squeaks and squawks and baby crying while you’re pregnant, you can get your pet ready for new sounds Baby will bring. 

If the sounds drive you crazy, take advantage of the mute button while you can!. 

2. Familiarize your fur baby

While in the hospital, send someone you trust home with Baby’s scent. This can be anything you choose. A onesie they wore or a blanket they slept with would work perfectly.  Preferably not a dirty diaper, but to each his own. 

After your tiny human moves in, let your furry babe to smell the baby toys all they want to continue the process. 

3. Neutral Territory

Babies are… well, they are weird. They smell funny, make a LOT of noise, they move erratically, and they require a lot of our attention, so naturally your pet is not going to know what to do with this tiny intruder. 

It is so important to let your babies meet in neutral territory outside the home.

4. Establish a Routine

A pet’s routine is so important. When you bring Baby home, it is easy to let those routines slip, but it’s important to keep them as much as possible. When Baby is calm during tummy time or a diaper change, have your pet close, talk to them, and give them a lot of affection.

It’s equally important to make time just for your pet. Take them on a long walk or cuddle with them on the couch while Baby is sleeping. 

5. A harmonious environment

It is a mother’s dream to have her fur baby and her human baby become besties. Trust us, we know. So, why not cultivate that friendship where it all starts - in the nursery? Adding a simple Custom Pet Portrait to the decor in your babies’ space will help them grow familiar with that adorable furry face! 

Not to mention, you’ll have a forever keepsake of their first furry friendship!

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