Making Mama Comfy in the Nursery

Making Mama Comfy in the Nursery
June 22 2021

This one's for you mama. Lots of things change during motherhood. From your body, to sleeping habits, and most important (for me at least) your personal space. We want to help you make a corner in the nursery your “sweet spot,” one that you can enjoy and relax in while you monitor your new baby's breathing all night! We won’t miss listing a thing from mini fridges to nipple cream. So, leave the little one with daddy and hide in the bathroom as you read our tips for making the nursery an oasis for mama too!

Mini Fridge

1. Mini Fridge

If you couldn’t convince your parents to get you a mini fridge in college, then NOW is your chance! Whether you’re going to be a breastfeeding mama or a bottle one, this will come in handy for you. Keep a dorm-sized fridge stocked with your favorite beverages and snacks to help you get through those long nights; or if the baby falls asleep before the bottle is gone, preserve it till morning.

Get it for your nursery: Of course, you have the option to find a mini fridge in your nursery colors, but this simple, classic Mini Fridge will go with any decor! Keep a bottle warmer right on top, and those late night feedings will be a breeze!

Why We Love it: Tasty, Convenient, Useful

Changing Station

2. Changing Station on Wheels

How inventive is a rolling cart with storage bins to hold diapers, blankets, and pajamas? Genius! This will allow for a clean and happy baby throughout the house during the day and serve as easy access in their room during the night. Convenience makes a happy mama and a happy mama makes for a happy life!

Get it for your nursery: There are many different options for storage and changing stations, but this Changing Table with wheels allows you to bring your changing station to your baby! So whether they have a blowout in the dining room, or an accident in the tub (this one is REAL…) you’ll have all you need wherever you are in your home!

Why We Love it: Fun, Accessible, Easy

Dark Room

3. Dark Room

Nothing is more exciting (and necessary)than getting a full night's sleep with a new baby. When you find the remote in the fridge and your shoes in the oven, you know you have a problem. To start your recovery, create the right environment for your new baby. The darkest room possible creates the right atmosphere for baby to sleep well. I mean, just think about how much light a baby got in the womb...little to none. Finding a blackout shade allows you to set the perfect mood for your perfect little one to sleep long and deep, helping mama get the rest she needs!

Get it for your nursery: I highly recommend these Blackout Roller Shades. Trust me, a dark room for your baby is life changing for your own health!

Why We Love it: Comfortable, Restful, Functional

Comfortable Lighting

4. Comfortable Lighting

Soft lighting at night not only helps baby to fall back to sleep quickly but also helps you as mama fall asleep quicker. According to research, bright lights can suppress melatonin and its sleep promoting effects. So let's fix that with either a lightswitch dimmer or a dimmable lamp with a low wattage light bulb for those late night diaper changes.

Get it for your nursery: This Glass Lamp has 3-way light settings to help you find the right lighting that helps you see what you’re doing, but not wake your little one up more than you have to!

Why We Love it: Cozy, Necessary, Practical

Phone Charging

5. Phone-Charging Dock

This is a great way to relax with lullabies, as well as music, audiobooks, or podcasts within easy reach while taking care of baby night or day. When you stay up all night your phone doesn't seem to stay up with you, unfortunately. Mamas need a midnight caffeine hit to keep going, so let's do the same for our phones to make sure they don’t die on us during an important moment of our baby's nightly routine.

Get it for your nursery: This Phone- Charging Dock will keep your phone charged, and upright while you’re rocking your new baby to sleep. Catch up on your long neglected DVR or a podcast or two to keep yourself entertained during those long night feeds.

Why We Love it: Useful, Basic, Accommodating

Nipple Cream

6. Soothing Nipple Cream

I personally gave nursing a shot, and the nipple pain was REAL. Unfortunately my baby didn’t want to continue so, to bottles we went. Whether you're a nursing mama or not, a soothing nipple cream will soothe sore nipples, dry lips, cracked hands, or even a baby rash. Let’s make mama happy with a cream that is soothing to both you and baby for any skin issue. 

Get it for your nursery: This Motherlove Nipple Cream is in an easy access tub and it comes highly recommended. Especially if you are giving breastfeeding or even pumping a try, take care of yourself!

Why We Love it: Medicated, Handy, Valuable

Baby Log

7. Baby Feeding & Sleeping Log Book

I don’t know about you, but without a calendar during the summer months, I forget swimming lessons, grocery pickups, and family reunions. With a new baby, it can feel like an overwhelming amount of stuff on our to-do lists, not to mention staying on top of things like when we last fed baby, or how many dirty diapers they have had (trust me, the doctor will ask). So, in order to keep ourselves sane and know whether that cry is for a diaper change, feeding, or nap time. Make it easy on yourself with an activity log book that you can put on your rolling changing station to keep track of those daily tasks.

Get it for your nursery: Get yourself a Baby’s Daily Log Book so that when the doctor asks you those 50 questions, you are prepared like you were for finals in your college years… and no - I won’t be sharing my grades with you… 

Why We Love it: Organized, Nifty, Easy-to-Use

Nursing Pillow

8. Nursing/Feeding Pillow

A nursing pillow is used during almost every feeding, which equals out to be 10-12 times a day. The special shape of the pillow allows for nursing/bottle feeding time more relaxful as it places baby in the perfect position to feed. These pillows can later function as a great addition to tummy time, sitting position, or to cradle while mama is away...maybe sneaking a drink from the nursery mini fridge, listening to a podcast, or closing her eyes in the perfectly dark room.

Get it for your nursery: The original Boppy Pillow provides so much versatility for the little one. The Boppy Newborn Lounger is also one of my favorite must haves for the nursery! You can lay your newborn on the lounger, and they’ll stay asleep as you catch a couple z’s yourself! Need more options? Take a read at this blog with the 5 best nursery pillows, and decide for yourself.

Why We Love it: Relaxful, Secure, Soft

New mama’s will log a serious amount of hours in the nursery. Those hours don’t have to be painful. Restless, maybe... but not painful. Make your nursery a sanctuary with these tips above, retreat during those nightly feedings, diaper changes, or even a 10 minute cat nap.


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