Mommy Self Care

Mommy Self Care
April 20 2021

You give birth to a miniature person, and immediately your life changes in an instant. You’re a mother, and with that comes new responsibilities and pressures. You are trying to be the perfect mother and the most attentive partner, and sometimes you can forget to be the best you!

We all have friends who work out twice a day, read their favorite book for an hour every day, take a relaxing bubble bath every night… and those people don’t have kids. Kids are a giant time suck. Don’t get me wrong, they are SO very worth it, but between the diaper changes, the bottle feeds and the chocolate breaks (...or is that just mine?) they are so very time consuming. 

Ever since my daughter was born, I have struggled to find the balance of wife, mother, employee, and SELF. I have had to learn ways to make time for my own needs, and learn to let myself off the hook if something doesn’t go right. So, I have collected a few ways we can take that break, and get the time we need to refresh and restart. 

Steps toward your self care journey

There is something that happens when those two pink lines appear. Something that instills the mothering instinct and realigns your priorities below everyone else’s. It’s not until you can’t remember when you last brushed your teeth that you start to think you have a problem. 

There are a few other symptoms of the over frazzled mama to look out for. The first sign of an overtired mom is an easily irritated one. Let’s face it, our hormones are a mess. We are working with tiny screaming bodies all day and night so yes, we will be irritable; but we also know where that line is between having emotions and being a complete terror. 

Another symptom is overly tired. I know, I know, we’re all tired and no, it’s not a joke. Constant sluggishness and lack of energy is no fun and can affect your ability to function. Some other symptoms include: lack of excitement, heavy heartedness, and an overwhelming to do list. Speaking of to do lists… mine is getting rather long… 

If you find yourself experiencing one or more of these symptoms, then put down the family calendar and take a break. Stop meal planning, find someone else to drive the carpool tomorrow morning, and take some time for yourself. In case you’ve forgotten what sparks joy in your life, here are some ideas to start you on your self care journey, we have collected a few ideas your you. 

1. Write in a journal

Writing can be therapeutic. Whether you are writing a blog that your parents read, (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!) Writing in a journal, or doodling on the cocktail napkin you accidentally brought home stuck to your shoe… find something you can write about, vent about, or laugh about and write it all down! 

Get it for yourself: 

This wellness journal can be a great way for moms like me who can’t completely let go of their lengthy to do lists, but also need to learn to find time for themselves. 

2. Do some yoga

Okay, I’m no stretch Armstrong (is my age showing) but a little bit of yoga can be good for the soul. Do I look ridiculous in downward dog? Why, yes… but clearing your mind really will help melt away all the stress of motherhood… or most of it. 

Get it for yourself: 

Let’s get it right - we all know what your body goes through during childbirth, so here are some gentle yoga poses to get you started post-partum. 

3. Visit a spa

Peace and quiet, remember that? Can you think of anything better than sitting in a steam shower, sweating off your toxins, or at least that week old syrup stuck under your fingernails… 

Get it for yourself: 

Make an appointment at your favorite local spa. Oh, what was that? It’s not in the budget because kids are expensive? That’s okay! You can make your own spa! Borrow your kids bath tub (remove all squishy toys and foam letters) turn the light off, light a candle, add some bubbles and you have a spa experience right in your own home. 

4. Do something creative

Creativity has been proven to reduce stress, and even if your claim to fame is that you are not a creative person, anyone can open an adult coloring book and color! 

Get it for yourself: 

Okay, I’m about to get real vulnerable with you all… have any of you ever done diamond art? It is the way I spent the better half of my maternity leave, and let me tell you -- it is so very relaxing, so get yourself one of these posters,  shut yourself away for a while, and bedazzle!

5. Go to bed early

I know, I know, easier said than done. Moms don’t get a lot of sleep. Early in the morning and late at night is when we do our best cleaning. So, give the kids to your partner, or hire a babysitter for bedtime, and go to sleep -- no time is too early! We’ve all had one of those nights where we went to bed at 7pm… right?

Get it for yourself: 

I would give you a direct line to my babysitters but… they don’t have nationwide shipping, so instead I’ll leave you with a link of how to combat mama sleep deprivation!

We know why we all do it. We put up with the sleepless nights and the cranky teething babies, because you created life and that is the most important thing you’ll ever do. So go and kiss your baby, breathe in their scent, and rock them to sleep as much as you want. You are a mama and you’re doing great! Just don’t forget to take care of yourself!


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