Nursery Decor Must Haves

Nursery Decor Must Haves
May 18 2021

Nurseries can be so cute, but for all us mamas out there, we know it also needs to be practical! They come with a ton of things you need within arm's reach at any moment. It’s like go go gadget burp rag! So, what are those nursery must haves that won’t leave sores in your eyes? Keep reading and you’ll find out! I know, I’m such a tease… 

1. A comfy rocker

Babies sleep a ton. Almost as much as they eat, and guess what? Their absolute favorite place for both activities is… you guessed it, in your arms. My daughter is 15 months old, and yet she still walks over to me and plants her rump right onto my left forearm. So, one thing I highly suggest is to decorate your nursery with one super comfortable glider. Trust me… your hiney will thank you!

Get it for your nursery: 

This Minna Rocker from Pottery Barn Kids looks so comfy! This rocker is not only super cute, but it also comes with an ottoman for those with short legs (welcome to the club), and has padded armrests for mama’s arm to fall asleep on while the little one  drinks a bottle ever so slowly.

Why We Love it: Modern, comfy, practical

2. Blackout Curtains

I can’t stress this enough. Blackout curtains will change your life. My daughter isn’t much of a daytime sleeper, and I can’t really complain because since she was 3 days old, she’s slept 7 hours at night… so I wouldn’t trade it for the world. However, blackout curtains have given us an extra 30-45 minutes during her naps, and this mamma will take any time she can get! 

Get it for your nursery: 

There are so many different styles, lengths and widths of curtains. It can be a little intimidating, but if you’re going for the night during the day vibe, you’ll want to make sure they are listed as ‘blackout’ curtains. I’m going to link the Little Prints Blue Triangle Blackout Curtains by Crate and Kids because they are SO cute, but really… the sky's the limit on these!

Why We Love it: practical, cute, and necessary (in my book at least)

3. Smart storage solutions

I am a huge fan of containers. I know that sounds weird, but I’m a huge believer of a bag in a box on a tray. You can’t be too organized in my book… or can you? So, in my daughter’s nursery every diaper has its own box… okay, i’m joking but I do have a lot of storage. I have a diaper caddy, a wall organizer, hanging shelves in the closet, and so much more… I think baskets, totes, and trays can really jazz up your decor in any space and keep all the practicality you need

Get it for your nursery: 

I especially recommend storage for all the things you need to complete your run of the mill diaper change. These kids have it all. Diaper cream, applicator spatulas, lotion, ointment, gel, wipes… so, this Quinn Changing Table Storage basket duo from West Elm is perfect to hold all the little nick nacks for their nook and crannies! 

Why We Love it: Practical, cute, and affordable

4. Pet Portrait Artwork

Okay, every nursery needs decor. Let me say it again… Every nursery needs a little decoration. It’s just not practical to make decor not practical… Am I making sense? Anyway, you need a little art in your life and so does your little one. Between mobiles, wall art and beautiful toys that pull double duty, fill your little one’s nursery with beautiful things!

Get it for your nursery: 

We suggest decorating their nursery with this Custom Pet Portrait and Baby Name Duo! They are destined to be best friends after all… as soon as they stop pulling their tail. Also, I stumbled upon this mobile, and I am bursting to share it! This Rainbow Mobile by IPE Kids on Etsy is to die for, and it would look precious in a little girls’ room! 

Why We Love it: Personal, custom, unique


Statement Rug

5. Statement Rug

Whether you are wanting to go bold or neutral in the nursery, the rug is one place you can have a little fun and you just can’t go wrong. They are easy to change out a year or so down the road as your child grows, but a rug will make the room feel cozy and unique, just like your little one on the way!

Get it for your nursery: 

A statement rug can bring the room together and allow for a soft spot for the baby to grow through their milestones. This  Floral Print Area Rug from little paperies on etsy is the cutest little addition to any little girls room! Need something for your little man? They also have this darling black and white rug for any little boy’s nursery or even a gender neutral theme!

Why We Love it: Comfortable, Bold, Unique


6. Ideal Reading Nook

A reading nook is functional for years to come. Swap your rocking chair out for a toddler chair as your little one grows and allow them to gain independence. Kids watch everything you do and the more you make time to rock and read to your child the more they too will want to grow and learn. Just make sure that they can’t reach the books when they hit that ‘throwing’ stage… ask me how I know...

Get it for your nursery:

They say to start reading to your child in the womb to kick start a love for books and comfort the baby with the sound of your voice. I wanted to try this… and then I realized I could asleep in the middle of a rock concert let alone make it through a children’s book... Nevertheless, I recommend floating shelves for a quick grab of your favorite book while remaining comfortable in your chair. If you want to read more about how to create a cozy reading nook for your kids, check out this blog post by!

Why We Love it: Playful, Functional, Decorative

I don’t know about you, but creating a special space for my daughter helped me feel ready for parenthood. Even though your baby won’t need that much to make them feel loved and comfortable! 


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