Pet Portrait Art in Your Nursery

Pet Portrait Art in Your Nursery
July 13 2021

Becoming a mother of a fur baby can prepare you well for becoming a mother to a human babe. The sleepless nights, constant worry, and an attention seeking fur baby sounds very similar to my 2 year old son. Aside from all the hard stuff, being a mother is a new creative challenge that allows you to grow in different ways. 

So the only way to thank our fur babies for preparing us for this new tiny human on the way, is to feature them in a custom art portrait in baby’s nursery. After all, a fur baby has been proven to build a human babes self-esteem and self-confidence...fur babies do have plenty of that to go around!

1. Pet Portrait Alphabet Art- Custom Color

I hear the secret to a happy mother, is a happy baby...and what could make baby happier than to wake up to their cute furry friend on the wall. A pet portrait will capture your fur baby's best side, while also helping baby learn their name and the alphabet. To some, this may look incomplete and may encourage a house full of animals from A-Z!

Get it for your nursery: 

With a custom color, this Alphabet Art featuring your Fur baby will match whatever nursery theme you have going. Choose from the  Blush Pet Portrait shown above or any other.

Why We Love it: Custom, Unique, Precious


2. Classic Oval for Neutral Nursery

If you have a more vintage or classic look going for your baby’s nursery, this look might be the one you're looking for. Getting a full body shot of your fur baby, this is bound to be a feature piece in any nursery. It can be argued this is the most important part of a nursery...aside from diapers of course.

Get it for your nursery: 

Classic Oval Pet Portrait can be made in any color, again to fit your themed nursery perfectly.

Why We Love it: Vintage, Timeless, Neutral


3. Pet Portrait Alphabet Art - Custom Style

This look is bold and would be purrrfect for that fur baby’s bold personality. If they command the room when they stroll in, then their portrait should command the room when you walk in. Following the alphabet theme, this will allow for more fur babies in your future to collect all 26 letters. Calling all cat ladies!

Get it for your nursery: 

Classic Style Pet Portrait comes in different styles and colors.

Why We Love it: Bold, Colorful, Fun


4. Pet Portrait- Featured Name

A bigger pet portrait may just lead to a bigger ego...but looking at that face, who could say no. With their name featured in big letters this is a great piece to hang in the nursery for baby to become acquainted with their new best friend, but as baby grows so may their room. This artwork can then be hung in any room or entryway of your home, as it not only has a nursery look but also a “I am cute anywhere” look.

Get it for your nursery: 

Another bold piece, the “Theo” Pet Portrait will fit any room in your home.

Why We Love it: Timeless, Different, Showy


5. Pet and Baby Name Art Set

Preparing for this best friendship means featuring both your babies in the same space with this pet portrait and baby Name duo. Customized with any color you want, and with this timeless alphabet theme, they work seamlessly together but of course, we have to showcase that cute fur baby face!

Get it for your nursery: 

Feature both (or all) of your babies with this Nursery Art Set. Perfect for every nursery or play space! 

Why We Love it: Versatile, timeless, simple

So, when we are bringing a tiny human into this world, we can’t forget those that made us mama’s and dada’s first. Let’s give our fur baby a place of honor in the nursery! So, let’s feature all of our fur babies from A down to Z! :) 


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