Planning A First Birthday Party for your Little One

Planning A First Birthday Party for your Little One
April 13 2021

One year approaches so quickly. I feel like I blinked and suddenly my daughter is suddenly outgrowing my arms. Even though it feels like they were born yesterday, the first birthday is a milestone that comes all too quickly. 

I know firsthand how much pressure there is to plan the perfect party so I have gathered a few ideas to help you create the perfect atmosphere for that kodak cake smash!


1. Create a Small Guest List

Babies. Are. Loud! am I right?! They have lungs of steel and their cries can pierce through the deepest of background noise. While this may be true, they are easily startled when other humans make such loud noises. My point being, a large crowd is maybe not the best idea for their first birthday. I would suggest keeping the gathering pretty intimate, limiting the guestlist to people they are familiar with. 

The last thing you want at their first birthday is to have a large group of people gasp in anticipation when your daughter finally leans in to plant her face directly in the center of the cake only to startle your daughter causing her to cry. Ask me how I know… 


2. Plan Around Your Baby’s Schedule

All babies have a routine. More often than not that routine may be the polar opposite of what you want it to be, but nevertheless, a routine it is! Much like how we would look into our calendars when planning a party, we have to keep our baby’s schedule in mind when planning the date and time. I can assure you that if I had a nap everyday at 11 am, it would take an army of undead to keep me from laying my head down at exactly that time… so give your baby their nap, dang it!

Try to plan your party for a time right after they usually wake up if possible, and try to keep it as short as a couple hours. No one wants a grumpy baby for photos!


3. Send Invitations

With your guestlist in hand after having chosen the perfect time of day when your baby is at their most angelic, it’s time for invitations! This is where it gets fun… 

Here at Kiki & Max we have this beautifully illustrated 1st birthday invitation. This fun and modern invitation features an illustrated portrait of your little one, and we can match any color scheme! This is a work of art that will look great on your fridge, in a scrapbook or even in a frame to display in your nursery! Don’t forget to add an end time to your invitation to discourage people from lingering too long! It’s no fun calming a fussy baby with on-lookers… trust me. 


4. Choose a Birthday Party Theme

Good people and good food make any party… but a few fun decorations can’t hurt either… right? I mean come on guys, we can make a birthday themed wood sign of your pet to be decor for the party and nursery decor after. Who doesn’t want that!?

There are thousands of first birthday themes to choose from, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. When I chose the theme for my daughter’s first birthday, I wanted something that really embodied who she was… so I chose ‘Wild One’.

You can decorate with anything kid friendly. Stuffed animals, streamers, balloons. Kids are drawn to bright colors so keep that in mind when choosing your colors, and always keep it baby-friendly and baby-proofed for all the cute teeny tiny people! 


5. Consider Having Two Birthday Cakes

If you haven’t heard of a smash cake, it’s that kodak moment where the parents are hoping and praying their baby girl (or boy) just plants their face directly into a heap of suguary frosting. Digging their tiny human hands into that cake is messy, hilarious, and incredibly cute! Get your cameras out for this, you’re not going to want to miss it! 

So this might be self explanatory… or at the very least explained by the photo above… but if you are going to do a smash cake I highly recommend making a small tiny version for your little one and a larger one for the adults. While I will eat a soggy piece of toast Maycee has gummed to death… I feel confident that no one else wants to.

This milestone sneaks up on you, so enjoy it. Enjoy the time with your little one and those who love them most. Like most things concerning babies, things can be unpredictable so be prepared for some changes, some messes, and a few tears… Just hopefully not from Mom!


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