Special Needs, Special Friends

Special Needs, Special Friends
June 29 2021

Have you ever been binge eating a bag of M&M’s and you pull out a unique one that looks like two stuck together? You get excited because you can now have two in one. It makes you happy in a different way that you didn’t know you needed! Becoming a parent is a love-filled experience and one similar to a bag of M&M’s. We never know what we will get but it will be exactly what we need. Now those unique two-in-one M&M’s represent those children with special needs who will make us happier than we ever knew was possible. And no matter what your child’s special needs are, there’s a good chance that an animal can help. 

With the help of our designers at Kiki and Max, you can feature your pet with your child’s needs in nursery decor. Before we tell you how, we’d like to highlight just a couple of those special friends that we love so dearly!

Service Dog

1. Service Pup

There are many reasons our special needs kids might need a service animal. A service vest shows the dog's speciality. This allows others around to be courteous to those needs. When creating a room for your little one, it should be as unique as they are. Showcasing their service animal in a way that is special to them, allows it to be a place that is safe and individual.


2. Wheelchair

A wheelchair can be scary to those who are using them for the first time. They are big and a little intimidating. I have never sat in one other than to play wheelchair basketball alongside my friends who were disabled. So let’s create a different stigma around wheelchair’s for your special needs child with a custom portrait of their pet in a wheelchair. This is something that will normalize the big and scary. 


3. Diabetes

I personally have only experienced diabetes while pregnant, but that short time was difficult. A lot of time spent counting carbs and pricking my finger. My love goes out to all those, including my friends, who have diabetes. Diabetes is something others don’t know what it entails unless they experience it themselves. Some cases are scary, but with the help of a service dog, it can become hopeful. Create nursery decor that shows the importance of those living with diabetes.


4. Prosthetic Limbs

I worked with a 1st grader who was born without legs. We worked on wearing his prosthetics to school, but it was something different and hard to do. This is something often hidden due to it being something so different. A prosthetic allows for more functionality and is something that can be celebrated. Feature a prosthetic on your pet for your child to enjoy in their nursery. This makes it more personable and more unique. 

Here at Kiki and Max our designers can add a service vest, wheelchair, disease awareness bandana, prothstetic, or anything else all free of charge. After searching through the Wood Cutouts, Pet Portraits, and Pet Alphabet Art you can then chat with a designer to customize it however fits you and your child's needs best.

Hearing the phrase “special needs” should now be accompanied with “special friends.” Whether they are family pets or trained service dogs, they are an important part of the journey. Enjoy the unique “M&M” you drew from the bag and make the most out of your special situation. 


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Not surprisingly, it was the birth of my own son that made me realize it was time to expand, and offer a new line of designs for new families and children. We realized that when our Miss Design Berry clients started families of their own, they wanted the deeply personal service and customized design that they had come to know and love from working with us.

So, our mission for Kiki and Max is simply that - to launch a new family brand that brings the same dedication to service, detail, and personalization that our clients have grown to love so much.

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