Strengthen the Bond Between Fur baby and Human Babe

Strengthen the Bond Between Fur baby and Human Babe
Aug 31 2021

Your fur baby may know something new is coming, with you changing their bed for a crib, or their seat blanket to a carseat. Be sensitive to their needs as they are beginning to realize they are getting a new sibling! This is an exciting addition to the family and you may be worried how your four-legged friend will react. We have found a few helpful tips and tricks to settle in nicely to your new normal...keep reading below.

Security Blanket

1. Introduce the Scent

Our fur babies can sniff danger from a mile away. Once baby is born, take a used blanket home to introduce their scent to your pet. This allows time for your pet to adjust on their own time, therefore ready and excited for baby to come home.

Get it for your furry friend: 

A Small Security Blanket is a great welcome to your baby in the hospital, and a great new gift to your fur baby at home.

Why We Love it: Safe, Small, Functional

Pet Portrait

2. Introduce the Pet

Introducing a picture of your fur baby to your child before they come home is just as important as your fur baby smelling their scent. With a custom pet portrait, you are able to show baby even the smallest details from their toothy grin to their floppy ears.

Get it for your baby: 

With this Pet Portrait Art, you can get it in all sizes from a handheld picture to a framed piece for the nursery.

Why We Love it: Bold, Fun, Unique

Meet and Greet

3. The Meet and Greet

Finally, no more hospital food or uncomfortable beds. You get to bring baby home. When making this transition with a fur baby, allow someone else to carry baby inside while you greet your pup as normal as possible. Introduce your pup to baby in a calm manner, and if they get excited remove baby rather than pushing your pup away.

Learn more here : 

Here is a great youtube video of Dog Meeting Baby for reference.

Why We Love it: Informative, Helpful, Visual


4. New Sounds and Movements

Our fur babies have their routines, but with erratic movements and loud noises that come with a new baby, they can start to be unpredictable. For this reason, we need to grow eyes on the back of our heads...just kidding; it is important to be in the same room as both fur baby and human babe while they are little.

Get it for your nursery: 

Although noises might scare your pet, a sound machine is great for a new baby's sleep routine. This HoMedics Sound Machine has multiple settings and is portable with the battery feature when not home near a pug.

Why We Love it: Soothing, Reassuring, Safe


5. Storytime

Reading a story to both your fur baby and human babe is a great way to unwind after a busy day. The calming lull of their mothers or fathers voice will give them comfort as you all cuddle together. This also allows for bonding time in a calming environment.

Get it for your nursery: 

If My Pet Could Talk is a customizable children's book.

Why We Love it: Unique, Fun, Keepsake


6. Fur Baby and Human Babe Portrait

They may not get along at first, so to help this process along create a custom portrait of the two of them. This will allow for a beautiful nursery art piece as well as a forever keepsake for the child as they grow. Remember every detail by adding in their favorite ball for catch or teddy bear to sleep with.

Get it for your nursery: 

Kiki and Max will work alongside you to customize your own Custom Portrait featuring your Pet and Baby. Follow the link and start a live chat to get your piece started.

Why We Love it: Special, Remembrance, Custom

Now this all may seem overwhelming or stressful, but your babies (furry or not) can live happily ever after. Plan ahead and take a few extra steps to ensure that your fur baby understands their role of protector and comforter as their new sibling comes home.


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