The Purrrfect Cat Decor For your gender neutral nursery

The Purrrfect Cat Decor For your gender neutral nursery
May 25 2021

You’ve got to be kitten me! This week we have some of the cutest cat decor for your little kitten...and your human babe, because let’s get real, they’ll share. Come to think of it, have we ever thought about how similar cats and children are in personality? They are both virtuous, stubborn yet outgoing, laid back yet alert, needy but independent, curious at all times, and if their bum fits they sit... I don’t know about your little one, but my daughter has broken many a barbie car trying to sit in the driver’s seat. 

So, come with us on a journey to create the purrrfect nursery for both your furry feline and your tiny human.

Some Pawsible Bedding

Cat Sheets

1. Cat Sheets from Beddingify

We all love a good statement sheet. Sheets are an excellent way to add some personality to your nursery while keeping on theme and on trend.

Get it for your nursery:

If you are looking for a perfect gender neutral crib sheet, you can’t go wrong with this black and white set from Beddingify. If you’re looking to add a little color in your life, you can also choose to go with this adorable Muslin Cat Sheet, also gender neutral of course!

Why We Love it: Cozy, Charming, Amusing


Cat Pillow

2. Custom Pet Portrait Pillow from Kiki and Max

You love cats and it’s okay to admit it, but more importantly you love your cat, and so will your little one. Is there anything better than including their face in your nursery in the most adorable ways!?

Get it for your nursery:

This pet portrait pillow from Kiki and Max is the purrrfect way to bring your furry feline into your nursery. It is the perfect decor for now, and the perfect crib addition later. Safety first, of course!

Why We Love it: Multi-purpose, can grow with them, and cozy

Radi-Claw Organization

Cat pegboard

3. Cat Pegboard from Littleanana on Etsy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, storage is one of my must haves in a nursery. Pegboards provide infinite possibilities for storage, and make them in the shape of a kittie, and who can resist? Not I, I already have two in my cart!

Get it for your nursery: 

These Cat Pegboards from Littleanana on Etsy are to die for. They come in both small and medium sizes to give your organizational skills plenty of room to work.

Why We Love it: Useful, Simple, Unique


Cat Hamper

4. Kitty Shaped Wicker Hamper from Pottery Barn Kids

We love hampers at my house! If I’m being honest, it is mainly so that we can contain a few weeks’ worth of dirty clothes before we are brave enough to tackle the laundry… but, still if you find a cute basket to put your dirty clothes into, all the better right?!

Get it for your nursery:

This is something we all need in our nursery to keep all the dirty tiny clothes contained and make it easier to carry it all to the washer...right?! Babies go through clothes like candy. This kitty hamper from Pottery Barn Kids will catch anyone's eye in the right way, let’s just hope (in my case) that their nose is on vacation!

Why We Love it: Discrete, Handy, Adorable

Meowvelous Stuffies

Cuddle and Kind

5. Daisy the Kitten from Cuddle and Kind

These dolls are so dang adorable, coming in every furry animal you can think of. The coolest part about Cuddle and Kind is that for every one doll bought, ten meals are given to children in need. Let’s give back in the most special way, showing our child just how much we care to be kind.

Get it for your nursery:

Let’s be real. Start with Daisy the Kitten but over the years you can continue to collect Chelsea the Cat, Dylan the kitten, Maximus the Cat, and etc. Everyone wins here! Your little one gets the most adorable knit stuffie, and children in need get some meals. Let’s give back friends! 

Why We Love it: Tender, Snuggly, Companion, and we can give back!


Cat Garland

6. Cat Face Garland from Lovelylittlelamp on Etsy

Who doesn’t like a good garland? I do! My only suggestion is to hang them above door knob level, because remember when we compared babies to cats? Babies will bat at that garland until it falls to the ground and they can finally gum your little felt kitties… possibly to death.

Get it for your nursery:

Felt Garlands are so IN right now. So, get on the bandwagon with this Cat Faced Garland from Lovelylittlelamp on Etsy hanging above your baby's crib...I mean, can I PAW-LEASE have it now?!

Why We Love it: Fun, Colorful, Charming

Purrrty Wall Art

ABC Cat Canvas

7. ABC Cat Hanging Canvas Art from Kiki and Max

You all know we love our ABC posters, and we are FUR-eaking out about our ABC cats. I mean, talk about cuteness overload, not to mention how adorable it will be if ‘zoomies’ is your babies’ first word… okay, okay, second word. We have to keep Mama as number 1 am I right!?

Get it for your nursery:

Let’s teach our kids all the different species of cats along with their ABC’s. Our ABC Cat poster is a great addition to your kitten nursery! Pair it with our counting cats poster and start raising your child loving cats as much as you do.

Why We Love it: Classy, Pleasing, Symbolic


Cat Wood Sign

8. Custom Cat Portrait Wood Nursery Sign from Kiki and Max

Again, why not surround your little one with familiar faces?! You, your partner, and your fur-baby! That’s our specialty and our new wood cut signs are all the rage! Get a custom illustrated portrait of your pet that is printed and cut out of our amazing light-weight wood. 

Get it for your nursery:

This is absolutely timeless. A piece of decor that will never age or go out of style. Our Pet Portrait Wood Sign is just so personal. So, scurry over and don’t forget this stable piece of art that can be customized to fit your nursery theme.

Why We Love it: Personal, Beautiful, Heartwarming

Pawsitively Fun

Cat decals

9. Cat Decals from Urban Walls

You’ve heard me talk about decals before. My sister in law uses decals to create accent walls in her home and it is breathtaking! So, in your little one’s nursery let’s ditch the paint and the wallpaper, and create a unique, beautiful accent wall with fun decals!

Get it for your nursery:

Okay, hear me out...put these black cat decals on your ceiling. It is all the rage and gives such a fun flair to your child's nursery. It is a great and modern alternative to a mobile! If you don’t believe us, take a look at the Dom Family Blog and view their cat themed gallery… are those decals on the ceiling I see!?

Why We Love it: Different, Catchy, Playful


Cat rug

10. Kitty Cat Area Rug from Overstock

Area Rugs are a great way to add some much needed flair to your nursery. They come in so many shapes, sizes, and designs it’s nearly impossible to go wrong. This is a must have if your nursery has hard-wood floors! 

Get it for your nursery:

Make that nursery a little more comfortable for both you and baby during those late night diaper changes with this Kitty Cat Area Rug from overstock. Not only will it provide a soft pad for those first steps, but it’s also darn cute!

Why We Love it: Cozy, Pretty, Functional


Let's make your nursery irresistible for both your little loved ones. Creating a unique and fun room for your baby will allow for them to learn to love cats as much as you be honest, as much as all humans should with how freakin adorable cats are. Purrrfect love, am I right!


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