Using Nursery Decor that will grow with your child

Using Nursery Decor that will grow with your child
Aug 3 2021

Decorating your nursery can be super exciting! However, it can also be the thing that falls to the wayside when you become a busy mama… If you’re anything like me, your picture frames still showcase some other lovely family… That’s neither here nor there, but what I’m getting at is: maybe we can decorate the nursery in a way that is fun and cute, but also lasts for a year or twelve!


1. Choose a neutral color palette

Picking colors for your nursery can be so much fun! Gone are the days where you need to use pastel pink and baby blue based on your child’s gender. Today’s nurseries are showcasing hunter green and burnt orange! Now, we’re not saying to go and plaster the walls with Dark drab brown but… you can pick a slightly more adult color if you’d like. ;)

Get it for your nursery: 

There are so many color palettes out there! Mostly you can’t go wrong with whatever you pick, but if you want some inspiration and some help, head on over to The Spruce and take a look at their 12 Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

Why We Love it: Mature, Whimsical, Beautiful


2. It’s all about the right furniture

Let’s all just say it… baby furniture is expensive… and sometimes they only fit it for a finite number of years… or even months (here’s looking at you, high chair). So, when picking furniture for your nursery, it’s important to pick as many things as possible that will last through your child’s toddler years! Say it with me now… convertible furniture!

Get it for your nursery: 

This Tripp Trapp high chair from Stokke is amazing! It can hold a lounger for your newborn, become a high chair for your toddler, but can also become a higher chair when your toddler will no longer be confined… because trust me, it happens! 

Why We Love it: Versatile, adorable, multi-purpose


3. Creating timeless art

Picking art for your nursery can be super fun… and intimidating... Especially when you want the artwork to grow with your child. Picking a few prints of today’s popular cartoon characters can age a room, so when picking art think about things that you enjoy but still inspire some whimsy for your child!

Get it for your nursery: 

Here at Kiki and Max, creating timeless works of art is our jam! We love customizing pieces with our clients, and all of our artwork will last a lifetime! Take a look at our Wood Signs for a unique spin on nursery art. 

Why We Love it: Unique, custom, personalized


4. Pick the right patterns

Like anything else in life, patterns can be extremely trendy. Picking a bold, busy pattern is definitely something you (and maybe your child) can grow out of very quickly. So, when picking patterns it is smart to stick with neutral, classic patterns like polka dots, stripes, and chevrons. There are a million variations on these patterns, and will definitely not leave you wanting more!

Get it for your nursery: 

If you are loving the polka dot look in the nursery above, you’ll love this Grey Dot Wallpaper from Spoonflower! Pair it with a gold or a hunter green, and you’ve got yourself an instagram worthy nursery!

Why We Love it: Classic, Fun, Neutral


5. Don’t forget the whimsy

It is still important to remember that you are decorating the nursery for your baby. Fill the shelves and table tops with beautiful children’s toys and decor that will inspire whimsical thinking and let their imagination take them on a journey. These years are short, so let’s enjoy them while they last!

Get it for your nursery/wedding: 

This adorable Boho Bunting Banner by leptitpapillon on Etsy is so cute for a child of any age, and can be easily changed out if your child outgrows the color palette! 

Why We Love it: Cute, Whimsical, Childlike


So, when it comes to decorating your nursery, fear not and dive in! Consider buying the ‘bones’ of your nursery first (the crib, dresser, shelves, etc.) and then fill the shelves and paper the walls with childlike art, toys, and decor that will give you that whimsical, childlike feel you are looking for!

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